Vygon and Sonoscanner are working together on a new ultrasound scanner, unique among its kind, specifically designed for catheter placement guidance.

Both Companies have worked together to jointly design and develop VysionXS, which is now available both in France and internationally.

Ivry-sur-Seine, September 27, 2018 – Vygon, an international group specialized in single-use medical devices, and Sonoscanner, a French Company specialized in the development and commercialization of multi-usage portable ultrasound scanners, announced today the design and development of a unique new ultrasound scanner dedicated to ultrasound guidance of vascular access catheterization: the VysionXS.

Catheterization concerns more and more patients today. This is often done in a difficult environment of feeble patients. For these patients, any unnecessary or tiring intervention presents a risk. For example, placing a needle in tissues after simple anatomical identification, without being able to see the trajectory of the needle implies a high risk of complications. Among others, these can be: arterial perforation, hematoma, hemothorax or pneumothorax.

A recent international study* showed that the use of ultrasound imaging for catheter placement enabled a significant increase in the rate of success on first try (85% success rate compared to 48.7% without ultrasound) and a considerable decrease in complications (4% compared to 13.5%), particularly concerning arterial perforations (0.8% compared to more than 5.9% without ultrasound guidance).

If the benefit of ultrasound guidance of needle insertion no longer needs to be proven, a study shows that for more than 22% of practitioners, the absence of ultrasound devices on the market is a major obstacle.

This is why Vygon and Sonoscanner worked together to develop the world’s first ultrasound scanner dedicated to this use. Integrated into the ultrasound is a system of needle guidance enabling all types of health practitioners to operate in the best of conditions. Ready in just a few seconds, the VysionXS Ultrasound is already used, with great success, in more than twenty key reference centers in France and Western Europe.

Sonoscanner is a leader in Ultrasound, and it just seemed natural for us to associate with them to offer a solution to health professionals that would make their practices safer”, explains Stéphane Regnault, Vygon Group President. “This ultrasound scanner will nicely complement the Vygon vascular access product line.”

We are delighted about this collaboration with the Vygon Group”, indicates Etienne Richard, Director of Operations at Sonoscanner. “The excellent level of satisfaction of our key Reference Users predicts a very successful world-wide distribution.

Vygon designs, manufactures and commercializes high technology single-use medical devices for healthcare professionals (public and private sectors). Among the major players world-wide, Vygon carries a wide-range of
product lines for several clinical specialties. Organized into five different departments (intensive-care, neonatology, enteral nutrition and obstetrics, intravascular therapies, cardiovascular & surgery/anesthesia &
emergency), Vygon combines know-how and local and international expertise in each of these fields. By having control of the value chain, from the conception of a device to the final training of health professionals on the device, Vygon can offer healthcare professionals efficient and innovative products, that are adapted to their needs and those of their patients, for optimal use, with the lowest risk. Benefitting from a network of 27 Subsidiaries and 331 Distributors, Vygon provides more than 205 million products in more than 120 countries annually. Vygon products are manufactured in one of the Group’s ten production factories, in Europe, the U.S. or Colombia, and carry the CE mark and/or FDA approval. Vygon is a family-owned Company, founded in 1962 and based in Ecouen (greater Paris area). This mid-size Company employs 2,350 people world-wide. In 2017, turnover was 310 M Euros, of which 81% was international. For more information, visit: https://www.vygon.com

Founded in 2003, SONOSCANNER is a French company that specializes in the design and manufacture of ultrasound scanners. The quality of its products allows the company to grow quickly in France and abroad (50% of its revenue). The company opened a subsidiary in the United States in 2015. SONOSCANNER aims to help physicians produce increasingly early and reliable diagnosis, thanks to the personalized care of easily accessible ultrasound scanners.
SONOSCANNER uses advanced technologies, drawing on decades of research in ultrasound imaging as well as the experience of its founders, to provide physicians with products of unparalleled quality, including U-lite, the only all-in-one, high-definition, ultra-portable ultrasound available on the market, with its large choice of multi-function electronic probes.
Due to the exceptionally high quality of its products, Sonoscanner was selected by NASA and CNES to equip Thomas Pesquet’s international space station during his mission in 2017.


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