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Ultrasound in emergency

A genuine benefit for the patient and the practitioner

In emergency services, the use of ultrasound is in full progress.  Always looking for solutions that save time and bring efficiency, ultrasound responds to both these needs.

Because it brings immediate results and is a non-irradiating technique, ultrasound delivers a rapid examination that assists in making an early diagnosis, leading to faster patient referral.

For example, if you can visualize the heart, you have information that facilitates your therapeutic decisions with patients who are in a “state of shock”.


A dedicated application

Designed for emergency and pre-hospital users, to allow you to perform emergency cardiac quantifications.

A valuable aid to medical diagnosis, the Cardio App® allows you to perform cardiac quantifications using Pulsed Doppler and Tissue Doppler. This application allows you to go further than palpation and to localize fluids, effusions and perform hemodynamic studies.


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Over 4,400 doctors perform ultrasound daily with Sonoscanner

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Always with you

The ultraportable ultrasound scanner U-Lite by Sonoscanner, the leader in clinical ultrasound, is particularly suitable.

Because of its size, it is always at hand in the pocket of your blouse.  In 10 seconds, you will be ready to perform effective examinations without wasting time, allowing you to save more lives.

With the U-Lite, the ultrasound scanner moves with you in emergency vehicles, always with this will to accompany you efficiently as close as possible to the patients.


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