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Echographe ultraportable performant HD T-Lite Sonoscanner


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More than 6,400 ultrasound scanners in more than 56 countries


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The Sonoscanner Ultrasounds have an exceptional full HD image quality, allowing you to make detailed and accurate diagnoses.



Our Ultrasounds are easy to take along, always at your fingertips when needed.



Designed and developed for you, the Sonoscanner Ultrasounds are simple to use, and adapt to your daily practice needs.

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With a 96 % satisfaction rate, our Customer Service will accompany you and train you in the best way to use your Sonoscanner Ultrasound.

a complete range of innovative ultrasound scanners

U-Lite PRO: premium handheld ultrasound scanner

A revolution in ultrasound thanks to its image quality, reactivity and ease of use.

  • 7″ HD Color Touch Screen
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Optimal Portability (600 g.)
  • Quick Start: 12 seconds
  • Battery Autonomy : 4h
Echographe ultraportable U-Lite Sonoscanner

U-Lite handheld ultrasound: ultraportable, ultra-performing

Simple and intuitive, it is ideal for use in the practice or on the field.

  • 7″ HD Color Touch Screen
  • Exceptional Image Quality
  • Optimal Portability (700 g.)
  • Immediate Boot-Up: 10 seconds
  • Battery Autonomy: 2h30

T-Lite Ultraportable Ultrasound: the HD Tablet

The T-Lite ultraportable ultrasound scanner offers you, in tablet format, HD image quality combined with the features of the largest devices!

  • 10″ HD Color Touch Screen
  • Weight: 1 Kg
  • Battery Autonomy: 3h
  • Immediate Boot-Up: 10 seconds
  • 11 Probes Available
Echographe portable ecran tactile

Ondina portable ultrasound scanner: the new generation of hybrid ultrasound scanners

The Ondina concentrates all the latest innovations made in France : hybrid interface, IA Ready, Auto tune…

  • Full HD 15″ touch screen
  • Weight: 4.6 kg.
  • Battery Autonomy: 1h30
  • Fast Boot-Up: 20 seconds
  • Customizable settings
  • IA Ready : Automatic measurements

Portable ultrasound scanner orcheo Lite : An ultrasound scanner that suits your needs

Combining high technical performance and multiple features in a transportable format, the Orcheo Lite is the daily partner for demanding practices.

  • Numerous features and advanced imaging modes,
  • 15″ HD LCD screen,
  • Automatic report generation

Orcheo XQ stationary ultrasound system: the ultrasound system for the most demanding clinical environments

  • Exceptional power for unparalleled computing speed,
  • Comfortable and intuitive operation adapted to repeated use,
  • High resolution 21″ LED display

The Orcheo XQ, adopted by specialists in many fields, meets the most advanced needs.


Sonoscanner ultrasound scanners can be adapted to each specialty thanks to the probes and settings


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Sonoscanner was created by and for physicians. Sonoscanner ultrasound scanners are particularly well known for their image quality, functionality and compactness.

Currently, more than 6,400 doctors are practicing ultrasound with Sonoscanner, in more than 56 countries around the world (France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Ukraine, the United States, Australia, etc.).

Sonoscanner technology has been chosen by CNES and NASA for experiments in space (February 2017) and by the French army, because of the portability of the device, the quality of the images and its simplicity of use.

The Sonoscanner line includes five flagship products specifically: the ultraportable U-Lite and T-Lite, the portable ultrasound scanners Orcheo Lite and Ondina and the Orcheo XQ station. For Sonoscanner ultrasound prices, contact us now!



Using the most modern and ergometric functionalities, our Ultrasound Devices offer significant time-saving qualities, while providing you with the best possible imaging quality. According to your needs, our portable Ultrasound Scanner ONDINA & ORCHEO LITE (with an option of transducer connectors) allows you to carry out a Triplex Ultrasound in optimal conditions.

The portable Ultrasound Scanner ORCHEO XQ will guarantee both excellent comfort (a compact system with a high-definition intuitive touch-screen…) and high-quality performance. Our multi-functional scanners are designed to offer the greatest efficiency in many fields including anesthesia, endocrinology, gynecology and even osteoarticular exams.  Our different models, with their high-performance transducers, enable today’s practitioners to obtain evermore reliable and precise ultrasound results and diagnoses.

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In addition to our guarantees of quality and reliability, we also guarantee a line of products manufactured entirely in France, leaving you no doubt as to their origin.  As we work with numerous renowned national and international institutions, our team of developers keeps up to date with the latest innovations in the fields of ultrasound and medical imaging, providing you with the most modern and innovative product offer. Our ultrasound machines solutions will help healthcare professionals to get the best diagnostic (for clinical and medical use) and improve patient experience.

We are at your disposal to advise you in the purchase of your Ultrasound Unit, reassuring you that you will make the right decision. Find the digital equipment ultrasound machine according to your need that will revolutionate your everyday practice !


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