U-Lite PRO

The ultrasound revolution in your pocket

U-Lite Pro échographie ultraportable cardiologie

Discover the new unique ultraportable ultrasound scanner : the U-Lite PRO.

Thanks to the unprecedented quality of its images and the extent of its functionalities, you have a high-performance ultrasound scanner that is always at hand.

Its ease of use and its almost immediate boot-up ensure a quick and safe handling of your patients.

Power on, scan, diagnose.

Product features

  • Weight : 600 g.
  • 7″ Screen
  • 11 Interchangeable Probes
  • Ultra-fast boot-up 

Experience unmatched image quality in
an ultraportable format

Retina+ Images :

Make even the most difficult diagnosis easier with enhanced tissue differentiation and contrast ! Sonoscanner’s exclusive adaptive image processing, the result of 20 years of R&D in image processing.

Very high acquisition rate :

The latest generation 820Pro 10nm beamformer processor integrated in the U-Lite PRO provides you with a 3 times higher high frequency image rate and an increased real-time image.

OSD Lightening Screen

Experience the most beautiful image, in any condition, with the optimized full HD, 1100+ Lumen display.

Unique ActiveProbe Technology :

The U-Lite Pro’s ultra-light Full HD probes incorporate an exclusive image optimization technology, protected by 3 Sonoscanner patents. Enjoy a lighter, more compact probe with unmatched ergonomics.

All the features needed for your practice

Full Doppler Package

Access all Doppler modes on your
U-Lite PRO :

Always carry a complete ultrasound machine in your pocket    to perform all your diagnoses.

Auto Measurement Package

Save up to 70% of measurement time with the support of artificial intelligence in your measurements !

0 h

Increased autonomy: 4 hours of autonomy in back to back thanks to the last generation Li-Ion battery with intelligent resource management. Use your ultrasound scanner, continuously, while respecting our environment!

Enjoy the ease of use of the U-Lite PRO
so you can focus on your practice

Dock PRO

In one clip, your ultrasound scanner connects to your computer network: computer, charger, internet network, USB keys.

Benefit from the mobility of your U-Lite PRO and an automatic connection to your work environment back at your desk.

One Touch Technology

Access all useful functions and acquisition modes with a single thumb movement, thanks to the patented ergonomic interface of the U-Lite PRO.

Secured Cloud

Secured Cloud, unlimited, to host your clinical images, patients reports, etc.

Automated patient report

Automate patient reporting with the private cloud and a bank of reports powered by our physician partners. Save time in your consultation day and focus on your patient diagnosis !


EasySwitch Connector

Patented probe connector adapted to nomadic use by eliminating unnecessary probe cables. Wherever you are, connect your probe, change in one click, scan.

360° Connectivity

Easily connect your U-Lite Pro to the Internet, synchronize your patient records and always keep your ultrasound machine up to date.

  • Wi-Fi
  • 4G
  • Bluetooth
  • Active telemedicine

With the U-Lite PRO, enjoy a completely
customizable ultraportable ultrasound scanner

All probes available : To cover all medical applications, the U-Lite Pro has all probes available.

Dedicated packs : Choose and customize your ultrasound scanner thanks to the packs integrating measurements and presets adapted to your use.

Full accessorizing : To cover all medical applications, the U-Lite Pro has all probes available.

My U-Lite option : With the My U-Lite package, personalize your ultrasound machine and always keep an eye on it.

GPS tracking : via embedded chip

Locate your U-Lite PRO in case of misplacement or theft, you will never lose your ultrasound device.

Customization of your U-Lite Pro

by engraving your name on the shell

Sonoscanner Services

Benefit from Sonoscanner’s wide range of services, designed to let you focus on your practice with complete peace of mind.

Made-to-measure training course

The Sonoscanner Academy offers you personalized training, at your own rythm using an online training platform with more than 80 hours of training conducted by Experts. In-person workshops are also provided by physicians to fully train you.

Secure Dedicated Cloud

Thanks to the Private Sonoreplay Cloud you can :

Support for Full Proficiency of your Device

Our engineers are available to accompany your discovery of your ultrasound device with further training. In just one hour, your device is connected to your tools, and you are ready to go.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Engineers are there for your assistance, available to aswer all your questions, in terms of settings, implementation, utilization, …

They are your everyday partners, either by mail or telephone. 

Maintenance and Servicing

We regularly carry out remote maintenance operations, to guarantee the performance and longevity of your ultrasound device. Software updates are provided, remotely, so that you benefit from all the latest Sonoscanner technology innovations. 

Our Service + offer

Our Service+ guarantees you optimal utilization of your ultrasound device. The telephone training courses provided by our Engineers enable you to fully master all the capabilities of your device. Our services will rapidly repair in case of any breakage, with temporary replacement if needed, so that you will always have a high-performance ultrasound device at your fingertips. 

Benefit from unique ultrasound probes

Choose your probes and benefit from an ultrasound machine perfectly adapted to your practice

La conception des produits

Linear Array HD

10-18 MHz
Small Parts, Vascular, Anesthesia, MSK, Sport Medicine, Pediatrics


Linear Array Full HD

6-18 MHz
Small Parts, Vascular, Anesthesia


Convex Array HD

2-5 MHz
Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Anesthesia, Vascular, Emergency


Endocavitary Array

4-9 MHz
Gynecology, Urology,


Phased Array Probe

1,5-5 MHz
Cardiology, Emergency, Trandcranial, Pediatric


Hockey Stick Array

10-18 MHz
MSK, Sport Medicine, Anesthesia, Pediatrics


Convex Array High Frequency

4-10 MHz
Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Anesthesia, Vascular, Emergency, Pediatrics


Micro Convex Array

4-9 MHz
Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Anesthesia, Vascular, Emergency, Pediatrics


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