Orcheo Lite TE

The remote-controlled Ultrasound Scanner


Orcheo Lite TE

The remote-controlled Ultrasound Scanner


With the remote-controlled Ultrasound Scanner Orcheo TE

Benefit from the advantages of telemedicine in your practice



Le secteur médical profite lui aussi du
développement des nouvelles technologies

The healthcare sector also benefits from the development of new technologies.

In France, E-Health care is growing, telemedicine is officially recognized and defined by the Law HPST of 21 July 2009.  Telemedicine concerns all medical fields, specialized or not.

The number of “medical deserts” in France is increasing.  Medical tele-assistance responds to a need by putting two physicians into contact with one another in order to offer better service to patients.

Tele-ultrasound consists of doing a Consultation at distance under the guidance of an ultrasound specialist, along with interpreting the images at distance.


A mixture of technology and innovation

With a specially developed transducer, conceived to be the extension of the referring physician, there is no need for an articulated arm.

With a webcam, the referring physician can watch the examination and see precisely where the technician places the transducer.  At distance, the referring physician can position the transduce (rotation around 2 axes) and access all the settings of the Ultrasound such as the gain or the depth.




Development of home care, which can improve patient monitoring.

The Ultrasound can be brought to the patient’s home, useful for the elderly by avoiding a trip to office. Useful in the fight against medical deserts by facilitating access to health care.

Reduces waiting time and delays

For more information, see the website for the French Agency of Numeric Health: (https://esante.gouv.fr/)


We have earned their confidence

“We chose Sonoscanner for our tests in space. The ergonomics stand out, along with the portability and the excellent quality of the images.”

PR. ARBEILLEAstronaut Thomas Pesquet’s physician


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