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Echographe Portable Orcheo Lite Sonoscanner


The Orcheo Lite portable ultrasound scanner allows every healthcare professional to exploit the full potential of medical imaging, whatever the field of application and use : radiology, general medicine, anesthesia… Designed after several years of research on ultrasound imaging and probe technology, this portable ultrasound device adapts to your needs thanks to a high-performance scanner system. It also features a high-frequency linear probe and a 15″ LCD screen. Build to last, our portable ultrasound scanner offers healthcare professionals a new way to do their practice while providing their patients with a quality diagnosis.



The interface of the Orcheo Lite portable ultrasound scanner has been designed to make it easy for you to learn about ultrasound and medical imaging.

All essential controls are at your fingertips so you can focus on your examination.


In addition to our presets for each specialty, you can customize your ultrasound scanner to perfectly fit your daily use.

Its versatility makes it a real ally in your daily practice.

As with our entire product range, the Orcheo Lite portable ultrasound scanner can be adapted to many specialties : medical emergency and intensive care, cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, radiology, general medicine… The choice of your ultrasound device can be made according to its technical and functional characteristics and your needs in terms of mobility.

You will also need a probe that is appropriate for your practice. A convex probe simplifies the examination of deep organs, while a linear probe will offer a better quality image on a superficial area. For any advice on the choice or the purchase of your medical imaging equipment, do not hesitate to contact our team who will also be able to provide you with a quote.



To save time and ease your practice, the Orcheo Lite portable ultrasound scanner generates automated reports. Fully customized with your logo and address, it allows you to create reports in your image, quickly, easily and automatically.

Automatic report generation is also available on the Ondina portable ultrasound scanner.


For only 5 kg, the Orcheo Lite adapts to your practice, offering you the possibility to use it with its dedicated cart. You can also move around with only this concentrate of high technology, to meet your needs even more.

For even more mobility, choose the Sonoscanner T-Lite ultraportable ultrasound scanner.

Echographe Portable Sonoscanner


Its 15″ LCD screen has HD image quality for the best possible diagnosis.

The sharpness and precision of the structures are worthy of the largest ultrasound platforms. The sensitivity of the color Doppler or energy Doppler is surprising.

Moreover, the Orcheo Lite portable ultrasound scanner is one of the only portables capable of performing a medical examination delivering an image in true triplex mode. The color code makes it easier for the health professional to analyze the blood flow and adapt the care accordingly.


They trust us :
Over 6,400 doctors perform ultrasound daily with Sonoscanner

I discovered the Orcheo Lite ultrasound machine, and I was immediately enthusiastic about its performance. I appreciate the fact that I can write personalized reports directly from the ultrasound scanner, as well as the possibility of being trained on my device through Sonoscanner training. This has helped me to understand all the possibilities that my machine has to offer.


Visualize, Store, Evaluate, Communicate

Impression directe


Print live images on medical thermal paper

Archivage local dossier


Thanks to an integrated memory, store up to 10,000 images

Archivage securise cloud


Upload your images to the SonoReplay secure cloud and automatically edit your reports from any platform

Export USB


Export your images to a USB key in DICOM format for an accurate transmission of the images and patient confidentiality


A wide choice of electronic probes

Sonde Convexe

Convex Array

2-5 MHz
Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Anesthesia, Vascular, Emergency

Sonde Linéaire haute fréquence HD

Linear Array HD -
Very High Frequency

8-18 MHz
Small Parts, Vascular, Anesthesia, MSK, Sport Medicine, Pediatrics

Sonde endocavitaire pour échographe portable

Endocavitary Array

5-8 MHz
Gynecology, Urology, Obstetrics

Sonde échographe portable

Phased Array Probe

1,5-5 MHz
Cardiology, Emergency,
Transcranial, Pediatric

Sonde échographe portable

Linear Array

5-8 MHz
Small Parts, Vascular, Anesthesia

Sonde Echographe 3D

Volumic Convex Array 3D/4D

3-6 MHz
Obstetrics, Gynecology


Why choose a Sonoscanner portable ultrasound scanner ?
The Sonoscanner Orcheo Lite portable ultrasound scanner features a 15″ screen for excellent image quality. Fully customizable, it allows each health professional to exploit the full potential of medical imaging whatever the field of application and use : general medicine, anesthesia, gynecology, urology, etc.

What are the advantages of Sonoscanner portable ultrasound scanner ?
Sonoscanner portable ultrasound scanners are particularly powerful. They have HD image quality and all the modes and Doppler to make accurate diagnoses in the office or in the field. The dedicated cloud for hosting clinical images and automating reports saves valuable time.

For which specialties is the Orcheo Lite suitable ?
The Sonoscanner Orcheo Lite portable ultrasound scanner is suitable for all practitioners who need high quality images, wherever they are : general practitioners, emergency physicians, sports physicians, gynecologists, midwives, endocrinologists, cardiologists, urologists…

What are the modes and Doppler available on the Orcheo Lite Sonoscanner ?
The Orcheo Lite Sonoscanner has all modes : B, TM, Duplex, Triplex and all Doppler: Color, Color Power, Pulsed Wave and Directional Color Power.

Where is the Sonoscanner Orcheo Lite manufactured ?
The Orcheo Lite, like all Sonoscanner ultrasound scanners, is manufactured in France, at the company’s headquarters.


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