SONOSCANNER wins international bid to equip all major Swedish hospitals with ultra-portable ultrasound scanners

✓ After finding success in the U.S., Sonoscanner, a French company, confirms the quality of its technology and ultra-portable ultrasound system, U-Lite;
✓ Sonoscanner was selected by lead Swedish experts among the sector’s world leaders

Ivry-Sur-Seine (France), June 13, 2018 – SONOSCANNER, a French company specializing in the development and marketing of portable, versatile mobile ultrasound scanners, has just won an international bid in Sweden to equip all of the country’s hospitals with its ultra-portable ultrasound system. Sonoscanner’s device, U-Lite, outperformed its competition in three different medical fields: emergency medicine, medical imaging consultations and interventional procedures.

Following months of comparative and live testing, Swedish experts have selected U-Lite, Sonoscanner’s ultra-portable ultrasound system, which is manufactured in France. Of the 6 bidding candidates, only U-Lite was able to match the desired versatility, technical characteristics and overall requirement set by the panel of Swedish experts.

We were tested for three months on various sites in Stockholm and Umea. The camera’s high definition, versatility and simplicity have won over all of the experts,” explains Bengt Eddeland, responsible for the follow-up of the bidding offer.

We are thrilled by this success in Sweden, which confirms the quality of both our technology and U-Lite, while opening the door to new international markets,” says Etienne Richard, Director of Operations of Sonoscanner.

All major hospitals in Sweden will be able to take advantage of Sonoscanner’s technology in the coming months, including Sahlgrenska Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Mölndal, Sahlgrenska Östra, Kungälv, Uddevalla, NÄL (Trollhättan), Borås, Alingsås, Lidköping and Skövde.

The use of ultra-portable ultrasound scanners in hospitals is rapidly growing. With its affordable purchase price, this technology provides physicians with much-needed mobility and allows them to diagnose patients without having to move them around.

Three main hospital applications are currently on the rise:
– The equipment of emergency response vehicles to diagnose patients on site or during transport,
– Issuing diagnoses during imaging consultations,
– Performing ultrasound-guided interventional procedures.

U-Lite won the Swedish bid because it was able to outperform its competition in these three fields of application (emergency medicine, medical imaging consultations and interventional procedures). Aside from Sweden, Sonoscanner is also expanding its presence in France, where its ultrasound systems especially help improve the quality of care offered by physicians and provide a solution against “medical deserts” by reducing the need for specialists.

Founded in 2003, SONOSCANNER is a French company that specializes in the design and manufacture of ultrasound scanners. The quality of its products allows the company to grow quickly in France and abroad (50% of its revenue). The company opened a subsidiary in the United States in 2015. SONOSCANNER aims to help physicians produce increasingly early and reliable diagnosis, thanks to the personalized care of easily accessible ultrasound scanners.
SONOSCANNER uses advanced technologies, drawing on decades of research in ultrasound imaging as well as the experience of its founders, to provide physicians with products of unparalleled quality, including U-lite, the only all-in-one, high-definition, ultra-portable ultrasound available on the market, with its large choice of multi-function electronic probes.
Due to the exceptionally high quality of its products, Sonoscanner was selected by NASA and CNES to equip Thomas Pesquet’s international space station during his mission in 2017.


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