Replay webinar : Lung ultrasound in the COVID era by Pr Bouchez

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Replay of the April 23, 2020 Sonoscanner webinar:
Lung ultrasound in the COVID era

During this one hour webinar, Pr Bouchez from Gendt in Belgium shares his experience of lung ultrasound on COVID Patients. Based on international grade hospital experience the ultrasound information is compared with clinical and CT scan outputs. During this webinar you will learn what are the particularities of lung ultrasound patterns.

At his practive, Pr Bouchez uses Ultraportable ultrasound scanner to be able to:

  • Circulate easily in medically crowded environment,
  • Start very quickly the device,
  • Not bend on highly contagious patients,
  • Easiliy clean the device,
  • Use dedicated lung probe.

Like in the main reanimation hospital centers, his choice has been the U-Lite with microconvex PR55 probe by Sonoscanner. Most pictures and clips in this webinar have been made with this device.

Whether you are fighting daily againstCOVID-19 or ensuring the continuity of non-viral care, ultrasound is a valuable tool in your daily life. Sonoscanner wants to support you in your daily fight and offers you expert advice and a free online demonstration.

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