Sonoscanner has recently won a public tender for the French Army with the Ultraportable U-Lite ultrasound scanner.  A major success for French technology, which will now be present in military barracks, hospitals and out in the field.


Paris, February 25, 2019 – The Sonoscanner ultra-portable U-Lite ultrasound scanner has just won the public tender of the French Army in the face of fierce international competition, including 5 major world actors from the field of medical ultrasound.  Responding to a demanding set of specifications, the U-Lite stood out as the best ultrasound device in terms of image quality, easy use and portability, fulfilling the requirements of the French Ministry of Armed Forces.


At the outcome of the trials carried out over several months by the French Army Health Service, the U-Lite, an ultra-portable ultrasound scanner designed and built with French technology, was retained by the Ministry of Armed Forces to equip military barracks, military hospitals and medical personnel out in the field.  This choice of Sonoscanner represents the delivery of over 60 devices.

Evaluated for its technical performance, its ability to perform during operational use, and the quality of its medical output, this ultra-portable scanner, among the most recent Sonoscanner developments, has proven its worth in terms of workplace efficiency, ergonomics and mobility.

The high level of portability and the versatility of the U-Lite scanner were among the factors that fulfilled the specifications required, and convinced the French military healthcare services.  The multiple possibilities of user-modes (nomad, semi-nomad, and sedentary) enable the ultrasound “act” to be adapted to many different types of situations.  And with the multitude of electronic probes included (more than 6 different probes for each ultrasound scanner), the device adapts to numerous different medical specialty usages.

A world-wide first, this ultra-portable ultrasound scanner is also HD (High Definition), and designed with the latest numeric technologies.  The screen gives a high definition image of organs, as well as their vascularization, while insuring with its eco-design, the lowest energy consumption available on the market (without any loss of resolution).

Exclusive architecture, including 1 200 interconnected cores on 4 different levels, provides  exceptional performance and reactivity.  The U-Lite is ready in less than 10 seconds, allowing an incredibly fast, precise diagnosis.


We are very pleased to have won this international tender issued by the French Armed Forces Medical Branch.  This demonstrates that the Sonoscanner Technology presents unique and valuable assets.  Through the ergonomics, the image quality, the portability and the ability to adapt to the most difficult and demanding of environments, the U-Lite has the most advanced technology in the world of portable, tablet-formatted ultrasound scanners.  This victory reassures us that we are engaging the right development strategies for France and internationally.”, indicates Etienne Richard, Operations Director at Sonoscanner.


SONOSCANNER  is a French Company based in Paris, with 17 members of staff, and specialized in the conception, design and manufacture of ultrasound scanners.  The Company began manufacturing and commercializing its products in 2003, following CE mark certification, along with regulatory approval in the United States, Canada and other countries.  At the current time, more than 2 500 U-Lites are used daily in over 43 countries.  The Company has reported an average annual growth rate of 26% over the last three years.

SONOSCANNER is specialized in the highest performing ultrasound scanners in terms of simplicity and portability, with a wide offer of high technology ultraportable scanners utilizable by general practitioners as well as specialist physicians.  SONOSCANNER enables all physicians to establish reliable and early diagnoses, reducing the cost of healthcare while improving service to patients.

Testifying to the technological advances of the Company, SONOSCANNER was chosen by NASA and the CNES in 2017 to equip the International Space Station during Thomas Pesquet’s mission.  New and future projects of cooperation are currently underway.


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Caroline CARMAGNOL / Najette CHAIB
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