Our Services

By establishing a long term relationship with our local partners, we ensure that a consistent
wide array of upscale services will be provided to you by our team of local certified field specialists:

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You can count on us to help you give the best possible care to your patients.

Thanks to long-term relationships with our partners, wherever you are, you will benefit from the best service possible from our network of Specialists. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Services

Onsite Training

Upon delivery, our local technicians will provide you with all the necessary training so that you quickly make your ultrasound scanner a productive part of your clinical practice.

Additional Training

Our commitment to keep your ultrasound scanner up to date with tomorrow’s clinical needs may lead to important updates being implemented on your ultrasound scanner. After major updates, you may request your Sonoscanner representative to provide you with additional training, to be done either by phone or directly onsite.

Customer Service

Our local technical support team remains at your disposal to answer any inquiries, by email or by phone.

Maintenance and Service

To assure the maximum value of your investment for years to come, we provide regular operations of maintenance and service on your ultrasound scanner.